100% Survival Rate on SWJ Coral Tree!

February 15th, 2019


Our coral tree has an incredible success rate–the latest data shows that all corals are growing well, and have survived since the tree was installed in July 2018. September 2018 was the exciting time when the first full cycle of the project was completed: collecting, growing, and planting the first corals back onto a damaged reef, all in less than 10 months!

As of December 2018, the status of the 10-tree nursery is:

  • 4 different species of coral growing;
  • 754 corals in total;
  • 121 corals planted back on the reef;
  • 96% overall survival rate

Each group that visits Fitzroy Island now has a piece of coral adopted in their name & this supports the ongoing project.

Ask us how you can incorporate this activity into your tour!

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