Dr Lynne Kelly Memory Seminars – Cairns

Dr Lynne KellyIndigenous Memory Techniques in Modern Times

Dr Lynne Kelly, author of ‘The Memory Code’ and founder of ‘The Orality Centre’ is coming to Cairns to talk about her discoveries about ancient memory techniques and how they can be easily implemented in today world.

Dr Kelly will be joined on stage by Gudju Gudju, local Elder and Traditional Owner from the Gimuy Walluburra Yindinji people to give a local indigenous perspective to discussion.

Topics included are:

  • How were non-literate societies able to remember vast amount of information?
  • How ancient monuments such as Stonehenge, Chaco Canyon, Easter Island moai heads were memory ‘universities’ for initiates.
  • Why/how did the Navajo memorise over 700 insects with no written language when knowledge of only approximately 8 insects (food, annoyance) was needed?
  • How Aboriginal songlines encode massive amounts of information into the landscape.
  • Indigenous people’s connection to land – an ecosystem of knowledge and wisdom – why would you want to leave?
  • Portable memory devices from around the world (e.g. The 440 birds of Victoria encoded/memorised on a hand held device, divided into family groups)
  • How we can use this “memory technology” in our lives and schools today.
  • Update on the progress of school-based trials in Victoria

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