Educational Tours for Senior Years 11 & 12

Curriculum-Based Trips for Senior High School Students

Our tours have been designed with your senior students’ learning objectives in mind, providing the connections between the content being taught in the classroom and the broader global context. By experiencing the environment first hand students are able to form a deep understanding of the important, fundamental ideas allowing them to focus their studies.

What to Expect From Our Educational Tours:


“Small World Journeys guides were always professional and experts in their fields. Our favourite things were indigenous hunting and snorkelling. Good value for money – many things were included in the package and students were able to experience things they wouldn’t normally. SWJ’s attention to detail made the whole trip run very smoothly and absolutely fit our criteria for an “eco-friendly” company.”

–Lisa Kendall, Teacher, St. Mary’s School, Wollongong, Australia (April ’13)


Educational excursions appropriate for Years 11 and 12 include:

Aboriginal Culture Discovery - 5 Day Adventure

5 Days / 4 Nights

Introducing Australia's Indigenous People & Culture

Trips starting from: $1048 per student

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Farm visit in Far north Queensland

Agriculture and Agronomy - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Agriculture in the Australian Tropics

Trips starting from: $2098 per student

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Biology Camp - 5 Days

5 days/ 4 nights

Our short camp packed full of biology activities

Trips starting from: $1348 per person

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Daintree Rainforest Service project

Biology Camp - 7 Days

7 days/ 6 nights

A Comprehensive Camp for Biology Students

Trips starting from: $1698 per student

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School excursions to the reef

Ecosystems at Risk: Coral Reefs Study - 4 Days

4 Days / 3 Nights

Discover The Great Barrier Reef: A Fragile Ecosystem

Trips starting from: $878 per student

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Studying ecosystems at Risk at the Great barrier Reef

Ecosystems at Risk: Reef and Rainforests - 6 Days

6 Days / 5 Nights

Geography Studies at The Earth's Biodiversity Hot Spots

Trips starting from: $1596 per student

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Nemo in Anenome at Great Barrier Reef

Marine Studies & Biology - 4 Day Adventure

4 Days / 3 Nights

Marine Science in Paradise

Trips starting from: $899 per student

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Sustainability Studies and Tree Planting

Community Service & Sustainability - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Service Projects and Sustainability Learning in One Fun Trip

Trips starting from: $2296 per student

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Sustainability Warriors - 5 Days

5 Days /4 Nights

A Fun and Practical Community Service-Oriented Trip

Trips starting from: $1045 per student

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The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Art & Culture - 5 Day Adventure

5 Days / 4 Nights

Sydney's Art, Culture and History in a Fun Package

Trips starting from: $1056 per student

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Benefits to You and Your Students:

Custtick markom Tours for YOUR Budget and Goals.
Unlike large tour companies, we customise your trip to your specifications. We won’t box you into specific accommodation or sites. This is your trip.


tick markPrice Guarantee. Once we offer a fixed price per student, and you’ve paid the $200 deposit, the price won’t change.  We guarantee this.  The price won’t change as long as the itinerary and the participant numbers remain the same.


Risk Mtick markitigation.  We obsess over safety.  We ask ourselves, “How can we make  activities as safe as possible while still ensuring your students have fun?”  We evaluate hazards and if we determine an activity is too risky, we don’t do it.  Potential risks are identified in our risk assessment that we write & send to you.


Your Ctick markurriculum Integrated. We solicit your academic goals and then match you to one of our expert guides to whom your group is best suited. On our programs, concepts that were unclear in the classroom may come into focus with an outside instructor.


Satisfatick markction That Your Trip Helps The Environment & Community.
We commit 5% of our nett profits to local environmental and community groups AND we volunteer our time to help charities.   For more information, see 10 Ways We’re ”Sustainable”.



Australian National Curriculum

As we transition into the new Australian National Curriculum, we have also aligned many of our trips to reflect this.  For example, our student biology camps are wholly relevant to units such as Years 11 & 12 Biology – Biodiversity and the Interconnectedness of Life.

New South Wales Curriculum

For the NSW Geography Syllabus we have created the program “Ecosystems at Risk” which specifically caters for the coral reef or rainforest case studies. Our programs also cover content from the Biology topic “Evolution of Australian Biota”, the Earth and Environmental topic “Environments Through Time” and Aboriginal Studies- “Heritage and Identity”.

Victorian Curriculum

A trip with Small World Journeys likewise caters for Victorian students with content being covered for the VCE particularly in Biology- “Unit 2: Organisms and their Environment”, all units of Environmental Science but especially “Unit 3: Ecological Issues: Energy and Biodiversity” and “Unit 4: Ecological Sustainability” and “Unit 1: Natural Environments” in the Geography syllabus.

Queensland and Other States

All our trips are fully customisable and so if you have a particular area of study that you would like your students to focus on please be in touch to discuss your needs.

Yes, We Do Risk Assessments!

We understand that you as a teacher must ensure the safety of your students on an excursion.  We also know you must demonstrate to your principal that we have all bases covered regarding safety.  A risk assessment is done for every tour, and we evaluate risks for a full spectrum of activities: swimming, bush walking, camping, visiting national parks, etc. to less obvious risks such as riding in our vehicles, sun exposure, and the possibility of getting separated from the group.  Hazards and risks are then detailed in a comprehensive document and sent to you.

Teachers: Interested, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Even if you don’t see your group’s interest above, chances are we can make it happen. A school tour to the Daintree?  An extended trip to the Great Barrier Reef?  A sample of Far North Queensland Indigenous culture? Our educational camps and trips are hand-crafted for those who cannot find exactly what they want from the inflexible set itineraries of large tour operators.


Call or email to see what we can offer your group!


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