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Refugee Has Much to Teach Our Students


We welcome Sohad to our growing family of Small World Journeys presenters. Sohad is from Palestine and is migrant now living in Cairns. Students can learn how to prepare a delicious meal from her home country while Sohad shares both her story and her love for cooking. In a time when the plight of migrants is widely discussed, this activity allows students to understand circumstances in the world that cause people to flee their countries. This activity humanizes this struggle. Ask us how we can include this activity into your trip itinerary!

100% Survival Rate on SWJ Coral Tree!


Our coral tree has an incredible success rate–the latest data shows that all corals are growing well, and have survived since the tree was installed in July 2018. September 2018 was the exciting time when the first full cycle of the project was completed: collecting, growing, and planting the first corals back onto a damaged reef, all in less than 10 months! More…

Winner of a Queensland State Tourism Award

The Queensland Tourism Awards are recognised as the industry’s largest and most prestigious event.  We are excited to say we won a GOLD award in 2018 for Specialised Tourism Services!

Sponsorship of Coral Tree: Hope for The Reef

Small World Journeys Coral Tree Sponsorship – Reef Restoration Foundation

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Coral Tree Sponsor Press Release