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QLD Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon Visits Small World!



Do you curtsy when a minister visits?  We were unsure of etiquette and humbled by the fact that Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs wanted to see what we’re up to.

We were pleased to tell Minister Scanlon that since 2008 Small World Journeys has:

  • Supported the education of more than 8,000 children
  • Planted thousands of native trees in our region
  • Donated over $38,000 to the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehab Centre
  • Cleaned up hundreds of kilos of waste in our waterways and on our beaches
  • Voluntarily offset our carbon emissions since 2008 and invested in Gold Standard Carbon Emissions Projects

1 October 2021

Can We Gush?

We were contacted my the minister’s office to say that the Honorable Meaghan Scanlon wished to visit our tiny office while she was in Cairns. Specifically, we showed her:

  •  Our aquaponics garden: we’re growing herbs and vegetables without the use of soil.  This is a large version of the systems we teach our student groups how to build.
  •  Our various waste streams:  we collect our office and trip waste in many streams….A Containers for Change bin for plastic and glass containers, a soft plastics bin that gets taken to RedCycle, a “e-waste” bin (like batteries) that gets taken to Office Works (and then to TerraCycle), and even a bin for blister packs (that hold pills)
  •  Our expired first aid supplies that get donated to local vets
  •  Our compost bins that hold all of the organic waste from our office and from our trips

What fun it was to show off our systems!

Who Is Meaghan Scanlon?

According to Meaghan’s website, she is an active supporter of the tourism and sport industries and was a major proponent of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. She understands that investing in these areas is vital to the Gold Coast economy as they provide jobs for local people on the Gold Coast and in her electorate of Gaven. Meaghan continued her support for the tourism industry by serving as Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development from 2017 to 2020.

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