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Why Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions is The Last Thing We Want To Do

Small World Journeys has been offsetting its emissions since the start of the company! Of course it would be preferable if we as a company were emitting NO carbon dioxide through use of fossil fuels on any of our trips…so we still have work to do.  If we can’t reduce or reuse, we offset!

It’s easy for you to do the same with Carbon Neutral.

19 October 2021

Carbon Offsetting – A Last Resort

Simply put, carbon offsetting means to reduce or remove the carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

A company can pay a company or “broker” to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, sometimes through projects like carbon sinks. The customer or broker calculates their emissions (or carbon footprint), and the broker then charges a fee based on that amount. The broker then invests all or a portion of that money in projects that reduce carbon emissions.

In many cases however, offsetting carbon emissions is the ONLY thing businesses are doing to compensate for their impacts on the environment.  However, this is not reducing emissions.

Here is what we track in order to determine our carbon footprint:

  • Transportation of staff and products in business owned/controlled vehicles (e.g. fleet trucks and cars).
  • Purchased electricity
  • Waste
  • Business travel and accommodation like rental vehicles and flights
  • Paper use
  • Water use
  • Food & catering

We do custom trips!

Still haven’t found exactly what you are looking for? All our tours are fully customisable and can be catered to suit your time-frame, student interests and budget. A geography excursion to the Great Barrier Reef? A biology excursion to the Daintree Rainforest? An Aboriginal culture excursion? Our educational trips in Queensland and New South Wales are hand-crafted for those who cannot find exactly what they want from the inflexible set itineraries of large tour operators.

If you are looking for a science trip, ecology trip, Aboriginal culture, or just a sample of the best of Australia – we can help.

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