Refugee Teaches Students More Than Just Cooking

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Refugee Teaches Students
More Than Just Cooking

We welcome Sohad to our growing family of Small
World Journeys presenters. Sohad lived for years in a refugee camp in Iraq and
is originally from Palestine in The Middle East. Sohad is teaching our students
how to prepare a delicious meal from her home country, but students are learning
way more than how to simply cook a meal.

3 June 2019

Humanising Refugees’ Struggle

Small World Journeys created its “Cuisine & Culture” program as a way to connect students to the real-life struggles of refugees and immigrants while also learning a life skill like cooking.

As a former teacher, Sohad is a natural when it comes to sharing and teaching. Sohad gets students involved in all aspects of preparing a dinner–chopping and mixing and baking — so they can re-create this meal at home if they wish. Students receive copies of her recipes for Maqluba (a yummy chicken, rice and veggies dish) and Kak be ajwa (a delicious flour and date dessert).

While the food is cooking, Sohad shares with our students a little about Palestine and her back story. As a Muslim woman, Sohad also faces constant discrimination and xenophobia.

In a time when the plight of refugees is widely discussed, it is important for students to understand circumstances in the world that cause people to flee their countries and how refugees struggle both in camps and in their new homes. This activity humanises this struggle.

“Cuisine & Culture” is available for small groups up to 24 students on most of our tours.

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