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Endeavour Team Members Taking On Work for Small World

When we discovered all the great things the Endeavour Foundation is doing right up the street from the Small World office. we wanted to get involved!  Endeavour helps people with disability “to live, learn, work and flourish” in their own words.  They are an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) which means when organisations like Small World partner with Endeavour, we’re supporting opportunities for people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income and be involved in their community.

August 2023

A Win-Win for Small World and Endeavour

The Cairns Endeavour office offers high quality solutions for business from document destruction and paper shredding, to timber products to mining safety equipment, to food and general packaging. Although the document destruction is a main staple for the Cairns team, they are always looking for other opportunities with which their team can learn new skills.

Small World Journeys, as it has grown this last year, has developed the need for quick and thorough cleaning and drying of our tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads in a large, dry warehouse. We were also excited about the prospect of engaging people with disabilities in tasks that were repeatable and fulfilling.

We are now proud to say that the team at Endeavour is now regularly cleaning and drying our gear, and delivering it back to us in record time.

Want to Get Involved with Endeavour?

Endeavour Foundation is an independent, for purpose organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life – starting with equal access to education and life-skills learning. Today they focus on ability – on dreams, goals and potential. They collaborate with the people they support to imagine the possibilities and then work together to make them happen. They provide services for those who need support in home and daily life, learning, work, social and community participation, or relationships and independence.

From finacncial donations to donating your time as a volunteer, to shopping in their virtual store, there are many ways to support Endeavour.


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